How to Make a Stunning Paper Sunflower Wall Hanging: Step-by-Step Tutorial

 If you're looking for a fun and easy DIY project that can add a touch of nature and beauty to your home, then you'll love this paper sunflower wall hanging tutorial. With just a few basic materials, you can create a stunning paper sunflower that will brighten up any room and give it a cheerful, vibrant feel.

Here's what you'll need to get started:

  • Yellow and brown cardstock paper
  • Green crepe paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Twine or string
  • Pencil

Step 1: Create the petals

To create the petals of the sunflower, you'll need to cut out 12 yellow cardstock circles and 1 brown cardstock circle. Use a pencil to draw the circles on the paper, then cut them out carefully with scissors.

Next, use your scissors to create small cuts around the edges of each yellow circle. This will give your petals a more realistic, textured look. Don't worry about making the cuts perfectly even - a little variation in size and shape will make your sunflower look even more natural.

Step 2: Make the centre

To make the centre of the sunflower, cut a small circle out of brown cardstock. Use your glue gun to attach small pieces of green crepe paper to the centre of the circle, creating a textured effect. Then, glue the brown circle onto the centre of the yellow petals.

Step 3: Assemble the flower

Now it's time to put your sunflower together! Take six of your yellow petals and glue them together in a circular shape, making sure to overlap the edges slightly. Repeat with the other six petals.

Next, stack one set of petals on top of the other, alternating the petals slightly so that they create a fuller, more natural look. Finally, glue the centre of the sunflower onto the petals.

Now that your paper sunflower is complete, it's time to hang it up and enjoy your beautiful new wall decoration! This simple and affordable DIY project is a great way to add some natural beauty to any room, and you can customize the size and colour of your sunflower to suit your personal style.

With just a little bit of time and creativity, you can create a stunning paper sunflower that will brighten up your home and bring a smile to your face every time you see it. So grab your scissors and glue gun, and get ready to create something beautiful!

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